Public Sector Advisory

We work with public sector organizations to drive human capital development, improve education outcomes, and upskill the nation, we thrive to create wide-spread impact with our partners, and we support them in driving successfull education sector reforms

  • Human capital development strategies design and execution
  • National upskilling initiative design and execution
  • Training content delivery, design and localization
  • Education sector policy design & analysis
  • Education reform design, execution and Impact assessment



Private Sector Advisory

We work with private sector organizations (e.g. content developers, education technology providers) to assess thier educational service offerings, improve them, provide data support, and create opportunities to increase thier presence

  • Education sector data provision
  • Education services assessment
  • Initiative design and execution



Non-for-Profit Advisory

We work with non-for-profit organizations to increase thier social impact

  • Organizational transformation design
  • Governance & restructuring
  • Service design
  • Financial planning