Mashail AlFaqeeh

Mashail AlFaqeeh, currently works as a consultant at Emkan Education, before that she acquired more than 7 years of work experience starting with strategic planning and internal communication at TAQNIA, a PIF owned company. While being at TAQNIA, she moved to the strategy department, where she handled and assisted a Strategy Refresh Project including all its 12 subsidiaries, implementation and change management processes focusing on internal commutation practices. After that Mashail moved to GEA, The General Entertainment Authority as a Strategy Specialist, where she assisted the first Riyadh Season and its logistics between internal departments, and developed updated KPIs aligning with the Quality of Life Program. Mashail then represented her department in the Internal Communication Committee at GEA, and finished with the last assignment, as a project management for GEA’s Strategy Refresh. Mashail is a Textile Artist and an entrepreneur, she started her second business, “Takmela” with the aim to make handmade art pieces accessible, during which she hired local artisans and supported the sustainable fashion movement.

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