Sadek Moufti

Sadek is a senior manager in the Advisory department at Emkan Education. Sadek holds a B. A Political Science and International Business (Northeastern University, USA) and Associate Degree in Business Administration (Dean College, USA) Sadek has over 15 years of experience in the Strategy Management consulting field. He has extensive experience in government advisory, corporate strategy development, and implementation, program development and execution, and project management. Sadek has lived around the globe, is fluently multilingual (French, English, Arabic), and has worked in a wide range of sectors, both on national and international levels. Sadek’s professional experiences span from Lebanon, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, the UK, and France.

Sadek has also been an honorary and full-time member of various not-for-profit entities; organizations such as the United Nations Information Technology Task Force, the Consumer Protection Association (Lebanon), the Arab Knowledge Management Society (AKMS), Arab Society for Intellectual Property (ASIP), as well as being a member of the Project Management Institute (Lebanon Chapter).