Jo McMillan

Jo is an experienced and enthusiastic Education Advisor who has worn many hats. She started her career in New Zealand as a teacher, school leader and literacy specialist working in schools and for the NZ Ministry of Education. The last 12 years in the Gulf region has afforded Jo many opportunities to develop her skills and experiences as a curriculum expert, professional development provider, supervisor and evaluator of school leaders, director of teaching and learning and most recently the Director of Education for the Royal Commission of AlUla in Saudi. Jo describes herself as a lifelong learner and is a certified Visible Learning Trainer and is currently working on her PhD in Collective Teacher Efficacy.


ساعدت إمكان التعليمية أكثر من 60 مؤسسة تعليمية محلية ودولية من تحقيق التغيير المطلوب. فهل أنت مستعد للانضمام لقائمة عملائنا وتحقيق التحول المنشود لمؤسستك؟