Emkan School Conference

The Emkan School Conference: Giving Schools a Voice

Emkan School Conference (ESC) is an annual event for educators in Saudi Arabia, enabling them to network, share best practices and gain industry insights.

Each year, the event hosts a series of panel discussions and workshops in both Arabic & English, presented by industry experts, leading academia, trainers, and policy makers.

Moreover, the event brings together private and international school owners, investors, and multiple international and local stakeholders in education.

ESC Events

Our Community Members are Growing Each Year to Increase Our Impact

It is a platform to share your disruptive ideas with like-minded people and thought leaders in the education sector. Emkan School Conferences help you:

  • Stay on top of key industry trends, topics, and market insights.
  • Meet international and local school representatives.
  • Meet parents, create a network, and understand the budding needs in learning environments.
  • Meet government representatives and industry leaders.

ESC Events


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