about emkan

About Emkan


We are a human capital consultancy and education development company. We provide our consultancy services to private and public institution, we also work with school operators,educators and investors alike by supporting them with the development and establishment of new schools, building capabilities of existing schools and providing training services.


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Our Values


  • Being fully present

    We are committed to showing up, giving 100%, and giving the best we have to offer.

  • Empowering partnerships

    Through working hand-in-hand, we aim to empower our partners through capacity building programs, international best practices and thought leadership.

  • Passion and Bravery leads to Innovation

    The core of our business is the Passion we have for education, Bravery in being our non-traditional selves, which allow us to be Innovative in the solutions we offer.

  • Persistence

    We know that the road we chose is long, but it is as much about the journey as it is the destination. We celebrate every step that takes us in the right direction.

  • Raising the Bar

    We don’t need to compete with other people, we compete with ourselves.

Our Clients



Emkan Education is a first-class partner in our effort to design robust and bilingual curricula for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia based on the KED Personal Learning Program. Dedication and commitment to quality made us happily wanting to continue this cooperation in the long term. We admire the integrity and professionalism of the EMKAN team.


One of the advantages of 2016 for Islamic Education Schools was that it reached out to a young Saudi company with deep international experiences – Emkan Education Company. We started the relationship with a relatively short project, and through what they presented to the schools, we realized that the relationship will last for a long time, and become a success partner.

Schools of Islamic Education

Know the right thing to do is easy, but the devil is in the details. Having someone truly passionate about education and knowing the steps made our way simpler and increased our chances of success. Thank you Emkan.

Hasan J. Zaini , CEO of Bloom KG

Emkan Education is a first-class partner in our efforts to design a strong bi-lingual curriculum for Saudi-Arabia based on the KED Program for personalized learning. The dedication and commitment to quality makes it a joy to continue this long-term collaboration. We are impressed with Emkan’s integrity and professionalism.

Anders Bauer . CEO Kedtech AB

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