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Cambridge Associates are education organisations that work with Cambridge to deliver the Cambridge Pathway to individual schools, colleges or directly to learners. They are considered the link between Schools and Cambridge.

Emkan’s Association with CAIE

In 2016 Emkan became a Cambridge Associate in Saudi Arabia. We became the first Saudi owned private company to be registered as an Associate of CAIE, and the only private associate in the Middle east.

It is our responsibility as Cambridge Associate to identify and attract schools to support the growth of Cambridge programmes and qualifications in KSA. and manage the relationship with these schools on Cambridge’s behalf. We provide the following services to our associate schools:

Overall program Support

  • Encouraging the professional development of teachers in schools by setting up access to the CAIE Teacher Support site for each school.
  • Coordinating specific needs’ training for teachers in their schools. Managing all financial arrangements with Cambridge on behalf of associate schools.
  • Accepting payments for Cambridge services and examinations from associate schools.
  • Superior customer service from a dedicated account manager

Exams’ support

  • Supporting schools through the Cambridge Exams Cycle.
  • Providing and/ or training exam invigilators
  • Submitting examination entries to Cambridge
  • Flexibility in making and managing last-minute requests and amendments to exam logistics
  • Ensuring the exams run smoothly at each associate school, including hosting exams at the same school.
  • Providing and/ or training experienced speaking/listening examiners
  • Ensuring security and integrity during exam sessions.
  • Processing special consideration and access arrangement applications.
  • Distributing results and exams certificates.
  • Processing results enquiry applications.
  • Distributing timetables and explaining how to follow them correctly.
  • Ensuring examination materials are stored and handled securely to maintain their integrity.
  • Distributing examination papers and materials securely to and from each of their schools.



Steps to becoming an associate school

If you are interested in becoming part of a global Cambridge community of schools, there are five main steps your school needs to complete. It is a simple process and we will support you all the way. If you followed the steps correctly, it will take around 12 weeks.

You will also need to provide a list of official school’s documents. Contact us to get a copy of the list of documents needed.

Please contact us on [email protected] to get more information on the application process and fees.

Additional School services

As part of our role to support school to becoming Cambridge associate schools, we also provide the following services:

  • Guidance in becoming an Associate School
  • Assistance in submitting an application process
  • Assistance in inspection visits
  • Assistance in receiving MOE Approval to run international track in national school
  • Support in selecting educational resources (curriculum and books)
  • Support in meeting Cambridge standards
  • Supporting school leadership in managing Cambridge pathway at school


Cambridge inquiry

  [email protected]

  (+966) 568156853

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