Professional Development for Teachers and School Leaders

Why choose Cambridge Professional Development Qualifications (PDQs)?

Cambridge PDQs are internationally recognized as a mark of excellence and bring accreditation to teachers, trainers, leaders, and their organizations. We believe that Cambridge PDQs can transform professional learning for you and your school. Teachers and leaders achieving the Cambridge PDQ International Certificate are gaining valuable qualification for further professional and career development. Schools using Cambridge PDQs demonstrate their commitment to quality professional development and to raising standards.


Emkan as a Professional Development Qualifications center

Emkan Education is an accredited professional development center from Cambridge Assessment International Education. Emkan is certified to offer the PDQ certificates in three areas:


Educational Leadership

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Teaching & Learning

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Teaching with Digital Technologies

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What makes PDQs a unique certificate?

Cambridge PDQs help practicing teachers and leaders to:
  • engage critically with relevant educational theories and concepts
  • apply new ideas and approaches in their own practice
  • make their students’ learning more active and successful
  • reflect on and share experiences purposefully.




Who are these programs for?

Cambridge PDQs are relevant to all education teaching and learning contexts. They are ideal for:
  • for practicing teachers and education leaders
  • based on learning and assessment modules
  • assessed through candidate portfolios of evidence of practice, learning and reflection




How would you benefit from PDQs?

An internationally recognized PDQ from Cambridge will enhance your knowledge and pedagogy to teach or train nationally and internationally. They support teacher and leadership development, strengthen the culture of professional learning and transform classroom practice. Cambridge PDQs are benchmarked to the Framework for Higher Educational Qualifications (FHEQ) for England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Cambridge PDQ Certificates are benchmarked to FHEQ Level 4 and Diplomas to FHEQ Level 5. This means that teachers and leaders achieving a Cambridge PDQ are well prepared for their next step in the professional development pathway and their Cambridge PDQ has value as they progress to relevant Level 6 and 7 programmes

Contact Cambridge PDQs team at Emkan by using "PDQ Inquiry" in the email subject line at:

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