Cambridge Associate Services

Emkan Cambridge Associate

We help schools become Cambridge International Schools, which means we help schools understand and meet the quality standards required to complete the Cambridge registration process. We also coordinate and facilitate the professional development of leaders and teachers based on the school's needs.

Delivering Quality Education in the Kingdom in Association with Cambridge Assessment International

As a Cambridge Associate in the Kingdom, Emkan Education leads the expansion, administration, and execution of Cambridge International qualifications and examinations across the region.

Global Leader Delivering Academic Excellence across the Kingdom

Over 10,000 schools in more than 160 countries offer Cambridge programs and qualifications to their students.

The program is internationally recognized and widely accepted across Saudi Arabia. It has been a key contributor to promoting academic and educational excellence in the country for almost 30 years.

Providing Cambridge International Qualification and Services to Meet Educational Goals of the Kingdom

As a Cambridge Associate, Emkan connects Cambridge International with schools and academic institutions in KSA.

Our services range from encouraging schools to join Cambridge programs and qualifications in the region to managing the relationship of these schools on their behalf.

We also responsibly administer examinations in the region and promote higher-level qualification programs for the training and upskilling of educators.

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