About us

Making it Happen

Welcome to Emkan Education, where we champion the power of "Making it Happen." As Saudi Arabia's leading education consultancy, we aim to help you reach new heights in the education sector. We thrive on challenges, using them as opportunities to think creatively and deliver outstanding results. Our dedication and proven track record of success set Emkan Education apart, showcasing our ability to overcome obstacles confidently. We are poised to excel when facing projects of any size or complexity.

We are at the Heart of Educational Transformation in KSA

When we say we believe in “Making it Happen,” the idea is to be drivers of a better future with roots in our society's foundation – a foundation built on accessible and quality education.


To our stakeholders: The promise is to strengthen local talent by following global standards and innovative experiences to bridge the gap between educational policy and practice.

To schools: The promise is to disrupt education as you know it, be your long-term partner, and develop the Saudi human capital.

To society: The promise is to raise the bar and to connect schools, governments, educators, and charities in a supportive and holistic ecosystem.

Our leadership and teams are committed to creating quality and long-term effectiveness in the educational ecosystem.

Today, we are at the forefront of realizing one of the crucial Vision 2030 plans that includes advancing education, creating opportunities and avenues of growth, and nurturing quality learning environments.

Our Vision

Redefine the education ecosystem to empower future generations with the best education through best-in-class support to government entities, private schools, investors, and non-profit entities and forging trusting relationships with ecosystem stakeholders.


Our Mission

To become leaders in education development in Saudi Arabia and the wider region.


Our Values

At Emkan Education, we believe in the following:

Raising the Bar

We don’t compete with others. We compete with ourselves and constantly strive for improvement.

Being Fully Present

We are committed to showing up and giving 100% to every partnership.

Passion and Bravery Lead to Innovation

Our passion for education is at the core of our business. This bravery drives our non-traditional selves and allows us to be innovative in the solutions we offer.


We know that the road we have chosen is long, but it is as much about the journey as it is about the destination. We celebrate every step that takes us in the right direction.

Empowering Partnerships

By working hand-in-hand with our partners, we empower them through capacity-building programs, international best practices, and thought leadership.

Vision 2030 - Shaping the Bigger Picture

The world of education is changing. There is the emergence of new educational models and a pressing need for change in learning development.

To make continued progress in the face of unprecedented challenges, Emkan Education highlights the importance of education in line with one of the critical pillars of Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 plan.

Owing to the strategic initiatives and public-private partnerships, the Kingdom has made tremendous strides to diversify its economy in the last few years, and the educational sector has played a critical role in this process. For example, in 2017, Saudi Arabia allowed 100% foreign ownership in its educational sector, allowing global private K-12 providers to compete with local initiatives.

This initiative increases competition, leading to higher standards for all schools in the country and increasing the demand for high-quality education. Moreover, this high demand is a catalyst for Saudi Arabia's government to uplift its educational ecosystem.

At Emkan Education, we carry this mission further by directly contributing to the strategic transformation of education in Saudi Arabia as part of the National Transformation Program (NTP). Our experts constantly work towards improving the recruitment, training, and professional development of educational leaders via our advisory and consultancy support. We are always at the forefront to empower schools and local educational institutions with our services in the educational landscape, leading to increased private-sector participation in the sector.

Meaningful Actions, Impactful Outcomes

Every step together is a giant leap towards creating an improved and effective educational ecosystem.

If you are determined to optimize outcomes in the educational sector, we have an action plan that:

  • Is built on data, insights, and research on the current educational space in the country.
  • Addresses concerns of both international and local bodies when it comes to cultural, operational, or instructional challenges.
  • Implements change initiatives and enhances the effectiveness of educational methods.
  • Is open to feedback, monitoring, and improvement.

Partnering with us makes you part of an action plan built to deliver results.

We are proud of our strong network with local and international educators

Extensive experience in K-12, vocational & higher education policy, program design & implementation – led by a competent team of international and local experts.

Established partnerships with a wide range of stakeholders, leading numerous private, public and 3rd sector projects within the Saudi educational ecosystem.

Significant work experience with international education systems through partnerships with leading international experts and entities.

Experience in supporting international operators to set up leading schools and universities.

Emkan Education has empowered more than 60 local and international clients in education. Are you ready to make it happen?