School Partnerships & Investments

Contribute to the Ever-Progressing Educational Sector in KSA

The education market in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia offers opportunities on a large scale, and we expect it to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 11% by 2030. The private education sector's size is likely to grow from 5 to 12.5 billion US dollars by 2030, opening a pool of opportunities for investment and development in the industry.

Let Emkan Education Become Your Partner

Emkan Education is a leading advisory service firm in Saudi Arabia that supports investors, developers, and operators looking to scale in the education sector. Our expertise and in-depth market understanding help us foster strong relationships with our clients.

We are committed to helping you achieve your goals. If you are an investor looking to establish or improve an educational institution in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, or an educator seeking support for your school's development, Emkan Education can help.

Choose Emkan Education: Make it Happen

Our clients have significantly benefited from our services and optimized their educational outcomes. They could do so with the help of our solid frameworks, strategic plans, strong network, and operational capabilities. We help you achieve your desired outcomes through the following:


Researching, Analyzing, and Advising

Data, research, and insight into the Saudi market trends keep us on top of educational industry loopholes, risks, and success pathways. With solid analysis and access to data, our education investment and consultancy experts provide the best advice regarding opportunity assessment in Saudi.

Collected Expertise and Operational Capabilities

Our team’s experience and connections in the education industry has allowed us access to the smallest and the most prominent data sources and validation methods. Therefore, we have the network, tools and resources to get you started with your educational investment project.

Execution and Support

We implement, monitor, and measure the impact we create with each endeavor. That means we calculate every investment and help you make value-driven decisions.

Education Investment Services

  • Investment and acquisitions opportunity identification and advice
  • Market analysis, market entry modes, business cases and partnership models
  • Educational land and building advice
  • School strategy and educational models
  • Matching investors and school operators
  • Implementation plan and school establishment support

Emkan Education has empowered more than 60 local and international clients in education. Are you ready to make it happen?