Strategic Consulting & Advisory

Putting the Odds in Your Favor

Expert Advisory services are essential to adapt to the ever-changing educational landscape — even for aspiring institutions already dominating their existing markets. It could be a big challenge, but Emkan’s advisory consultants can help put the odds in your favor.

What are Advisory Services?

Advisory services can fit into any aspect of your organization’s success: from helping you with day-to-day operations and growing your business to finding new growth opportunities or keeping you on track in times of change.

All new or already established educational institutions can benefit from our advisory services.


Public Sector Advisory

We work with public sector organizations to drive human capital development, improve educational outcomes, and upskill the new generation. Our public sector advisory services range from design to the execution and monitoring of:

  • Human capital development strategies
  • National upskilling initiatives
  • Content delivery and localization
  • Creation and analysis of education sector policy
  • Educational reform and impact assessment
  • Strategic development and implementation: Business and Financial Modeling, organizational structure, and governance
  • Impact assessment and reporting: Partnership models and operators and investors’ matching.

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Private Sector Advisory

The participation of the private sector is critical to transforming the educational landscape in any country. We provide the private sector with updated data, keep them informed of the policy and procedural changes, and advise them on increasing their market presence. Our services to private sector companies include:

  • Education sector data provision and validation
  • Education services assessment
  • Initiative design and execution
  • Strategic development and implementation
  • Impact assessment and reporting

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Not-for-Profit Sector Advisory

Emkan is here to help make a difference in the world. We help not-for-profit organizations with our advisory services to facilitate their mission and increase social impact by offering the below-listed service support.

  • Organizational transformation design
  • Governance and restructuring
  • Service design
  • Financial planning
  • Strategic development and implementation
  • Impact assessment and reporting

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