School Mergers & Acquisitions

The KSA education market offers significant scale potential. It is expected to grow at a CAGR of 11% by 2030 due to (i) population growth (ii) increased enrollment in private schools, and (iii) privatization/government initiatives. Above all there is a drive for improved quality.

International investors have been interested in the market but have largely adopted a monitoring strategy. The focus on quality is forcing the hand of some operators which creates opportunity for investors in terms of school improvement followed by consolidation/platform growth and ultimate disposal.

In this context Emkan has the opportunity to build on its reputation amongst private sector clients and its experience with the KSA public sector.

Emkan provides three services:

  • OpCo, PropCo and ManCo investment and acquisitions
  • Funding (including sale & leaseback advice) & partnership model design
  • Investor & (regional / international) school operator matching