Anne Loos

Anne is a Managing Partner at Emkan Education and an international education expert with over 25 years of experience in the education field. She has extensive experience in government advisory, international policy development, designing & implementing strategic national reform, research & evaluation. Anne has worked on various national and international initiatives centered on teaching and leadership quality, improving the education system and schooling performance, improvement-centered regulatory design, inclusive education, and building local capacity for sustainable long-term improvements.

Anne’s professional experiences span Australia, Saudi Arabia & the UK. She has partnered on significant projects with international experts from an extensive range of educational systems, including Australia, USA, Singapore, Finland, England, Scotland, New Zealand, Canada, Estonia & the Philippines.

She has led a range of complex & significant portfolios undertaking strategic planning, needs analysis, innovative policy, program & project design, human capacity development, and the application of research & evaluation to reform and program design. Anne has presented extensively in international education forums and authored and co-authored a broad range of reports and papers.

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