Omar Ibrahim

Omar is a Project Leader at Emkan Education. Omar has an accomplished & well-equipped change management consultant with a solid background in business consultancy, strategy planning, strategy development and execution, transformation management, corporate performance management, balanced scorecard, and engineering applications, as well as over 7 years of experience with regional-renowned clients in the Middle East. Innate capacity to manage complex corporate & organizational transformations and innovative projects and products through forming and leading cross‐functional teams, strategic objectives, and setting corresponding operational targets and KPIs to help organizations reach the desired state with the lowest resistance possible. Demonstrated ability to equip employees and multi-functional teams with required skills and techniques through the provision of leadership, guidance, and training along with the promotion of clear vision, strategy, and principles. Articulate communicator and negotiator demonstrating exceptionally strong business and operational acumen with a solid track record of fostering strong relations with multi-cultural and disciplinary functions, stakeholders, clients, and executive management. Skilled problem-solver, supporting the achievement of individual and shared organizational goals.

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