University Admissions and Beyond: The Scope of a Brighter Future for Cambridge Learners

Our world, as we know it, has been transitioning into a colossal, diverse community year after year. International students are a major driving force behind this impactful change. In turn, these international students experience elevated opportunities to boost their personal and professional expertise. A substantial number of students apply at foreign schools and universities to broaden their vision and stand shoulder-to-shoulder with a competitive edge in the highly complex corporate world.

The US and UK are home to some of the world’s most sought-after universities. However, these institutions are notoriously competitive, starting from the enrollment procedure to the completion of the degree. That said, obtaining Cambridge qualifications has been researched to give you a head start on this new chapter of your life.


Attributes of a Cambridge Learner

Cambridge curriculum and assessments are designed to develop and further attitudes that help students become global citizens. A positive outlook and beneficial life skills are inculcated to help them excel at university and employment. Cambridge learners are:


Cambridge students have a keenness for growth through learning. They have a deeper insight and embody curiosity for a better understanding of the world around them.


Cambridge students are confident learners. Their sound knowledge is paired with an urge to explore ideas in a structured and inquisitive manner.


Cambridge students are team players. They understand the uniqueness of their peers’ abilities and are able to utilize them in a manner that is effective and encouraging.


Advantages of Applying to International Universities as a Cambridge Student

International universities, especially the ones in the US, demand a certain set of skills for students to thrive while enrolled. Cambridge students have been shown to do particularly well starting right from the admissions process. The result of the Cambridge International survey held in 2021 indicates that around 96% went on to attend university. Out of which, at least 60% attended a top-500-ranked university.

As far as subject selection goes, business and engineering have persisted as the two top majors chosen by students from Cambridge schools, while computer science/ICT has replaced medicine at number three. All in all, the top ten majors show students’ growing gravitation towards STEM fields.

According to research conducted by CAIE, once admitted, Cambridge students do better in their first year of university. The same study – using data from over 8500 students at Florida State University – shows that students who have taken the Cambridge accelerated programs have better first-year GPAs than those who have taken other programs or those who did not enroll in any accelerated programs.

This research leads to another conclusion: Cambridge students are also more likely to finish their degrees on time. Sixty percent of Cambridge students graduate within four years, compared to 55% of Advanced Placement students and 46% of US students.


Submitting Applications to International Universities – A Few Important Pointers

Higher education institutions worldwide have a selected set of admission policies for Cambridge qualifications. However, most prominent international universities, including those in the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, and many more., recognize AS and A Levels. Distinctive grades in selected Cambridge International A-Level subjects in the USA, Canada, and the like, can guarantee up to one year of university course credit.

Universities in the UK and many other institutions overseas accept AS and A Levels as equivalent to standard British GCE A Levels. For further information on updated policies from worldwide universities, click here.

Some other significant preparations to make in your journey toward attaining world-class higher education are stated below.

A Proactive Approach: Make a list of at least five universities and investigate which types of applications they accept. This is because a few may take direct applications, whereas for others, you might need to collaborate with special agencies or local educational institutions in your own country that may either sponsor you or send an application on your behalf.

A Well-rounded Academic Record: International universities, including those in the US, take a holistic approach while reviewing applications. Satisfactory grades and a diversified academic record improve the likelihood of having your application accepted. Upon request, Emkan will be happy to provide career guidance and university placement services.

Extracurricular Activities: For many reasons, international universities are known for their extracurricular activities to bring the best out of students while developing leadership skills. This may be the reason most entrepreneurs and visionary startups have their roots in the US. An applicant can thus choose from the many activities and apply for leadership programmes.

Language Proficiency Tests: Obtaining satisfactory scores in English language proficiency tests is an essential part of admission to top universities. IELTS, TOEFL and GMAT are some of the most recognized language proficiency tests to help get you further in your path.

Being Unsure of Majors is Acceptable: Even if an applicant is unsure about selecting majors from the diverse curriculum, an application can still be drafted by stating “undecided.” Once enrolled, the university faculty will provide professional guidance to help you decide on your majors.



Success story

To showcase a side of the services we provide to CAIE students in Saudi, we share with you the following story of Noor Fatima.

“I am Noor Fatima, an undergraduate student majoring in Computer Science at NUCES. I became one of Cambridge’s top learners in 2021 by receiving 4 different Outstanding Learner Awards. For my pre-engineering qualifications, I opted for Cambridge Assessment International Education A Levels certification. Studying this curriculum has been exemplary, allowing me to achieve holistic development and advancement in my field. Being a Cambridge Learner and one of the top achievers helped me secure a few scholarships based on merit in multiple countries, including Malaysia and Dubai.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, I was preparing to appear for my A Levels and chose to be homeschooled by registering as a private candidate for my CAIE A Levels. I selected tutors who taught me virtually on a one-to-one basis. However, when it was time to register to appear for my exams, I faced confusion since most centers and schools in my locality either weren’t offering me registration as a private candidate or weren’t providing support and assistance, especially with component exemptions.

During my research process, I came across Emkan Education, and I was beyond relieved when I learned that they are Cambridge Associates. They provided me with clear instructions and guidance for my registration process. Furthermore, their customer service was readily available to answer my endless doubts – from the beginning of my registration process until receiving my results.”

Noor Fatima,
National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (NUCES),

Cambridge students have many qualities that help them stand out, prepare for the challenges of life and tackle the demands of the future ahead of them. Emkan, being the first Saudi-owned private company to be registered as a Cambridge International associate, values these qualifications and is committed to support Cambridge schools and learners in KSA in many ways, this includes assisting students in their journey towards a prosperous academic and career progression.



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